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This is SOON, the e.p. by KIN.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in a two bedroom flat in one of the more grubby suburbs of Groningen (NL), SOON began life as a simple home recording while the band's rehearsal space closed for summer 2012.

An idea that initially looked like a conventional acoustic e.p. quickly evolved into a handful of irksome songs (some reworked surprises and some brand new) made with sounds found under the restrictions that they could only be recorded with one mic and couldn't be made by something plugged into anything else.

SOON is the product of a string of very impulsive moments spent reaching for any available object in order to find just the right sound.

These 'available objects' span from a pile of old newspapers and a nicotine yellowed copy of The Catcher In The Rye, through to a tea cup and a washing machine.


released May 3, 2013

Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by ...

Maike Doornebosch
Peter Blokzijl
Kim Foster
Jouke van der Krieke



all rights reserved


KIN Groningen, Netherlands



KIN is an Anglo/Dutch quartet based in Groningen. They frame shimmering, orchestral guitars and warm vocals with driving beats and bass. Check it.

KIN’s new album ’Slowtv’ is due for release later this year.
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Track Name: Chemistry Set (Frida Kahlo Mix)
It was rhythm that began me
felt lapping at the skin and heard rippling
sound introduced the colour like a feeling in the dark
then all was colour
it was all I could see
until the language of the world took over in solid lines to describe me.

I was born with a chemistry set for a body
I consume time, space, mass, oxygen and energy.
I make heat, carbon-dioxide, feces, piss, saline solution, acids (amino and other) magnetism and electricity.

A trail of dead.
I trail the dead.

This language of form makes a fence of a body.

Sound awoke into shape, sun to skin so you can see the boundary.
Cells are swelling in my brain so all I have is the skin of my memory.
When I was young I feared leaving myself behind.
Then I discovered all the things that have no need of discovery.

This language of form makes a fence of a body.

Look at us pressing these bones together.
There'll be nothing but dust left by morning.
We press together past flesh and into bone until we pass through
to the other side.
We'll grind one-another away.
But I'm a lightbulb, a bright lightbulb a-buzzing for you.
Track Name: Sitting Here
Don't sit like a hen on hatched eggs.
Damn, you're smothering the child.
I've fallen off the cliff again.
Hit the ground cartoon style.

Is not. Will not. Is not. Will not.

Our underfed heads are blank to be filled with the thickening.
This island is a prison camp, this body's cotton wool railing.

Is not. Will not. Is not. Will not.

I'm just sitting here. I know.

We stutter from self to self, only wonder about the gaps.
Scare us to death, remove the threat and play with what's left.

Is not. Will not. Is not. We will not.

I'm just sitting here. I know.

The monster's out from under the bed
and we're just sitting here. We know.
Track Name: Reptile (Time Waites Mix)
I am the world.
I own the world.
Lucky me.

I make the world.
I re-make the world.
In my image.

Damn the reptile in me
all I can see
Is myself
Track Name: Awkward House
I turned into a machine while you were gone
Distracted myself with rubber ducks and coke.
Wash my mouth out.
I don't know.

Count the steps to work and the way back
while they build castles on islands,
feed us faulty cans of food-stuff.
The fog grows in our heads

We don't know.

This awkward house don't know. We don't know.